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Commitment to Accessibility

We are fully committed to ensuring this website meets the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (opens in a new window) (WCAG 2.0) to AA standard to ensure people with disabilities are not excluded from accessing information and services.

The design of our website includes a number of additional accessibility features.

Please click on the bars to reveal information on each of these features.  

Access Keys

We haven't used access keys as they can often interfere with the default keyboard shortcuts of modern browsers. The content is easily tab-navigable and screen-reader friendly. We have tried to make our site as accessible as possible.

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Images and alt tags

We have avoided using excessive graphics within the website where possible to ensure quick download times and access to information which cannot be read if in image format. Where images have been used we have added 'Alt' tags - text alternatives so that you will still know what the image is meant to convey even if it does not load or if you've have chosen to browse with the images switched off or you are using an assistive technology like a screen reader to browse the webpage rather than view.

PDF documents

This site uses PDF (Adobe Acrobat) file format for the publication of large and complex documents. Please note that Adobe Acrobat documents can be converted back to plain text using Adobe's Web-based conversion service.

Read aloud and / or translate a page with Browsealoud

We aim to make our site as accessible as possible and have provided Browsealoud, to help you read information on our website.

How to use Browsealoud to help you read or translate our website

Click on the Browsealoud image that appears in the top right of your screen to launch the support toolbar. 

Then you just click on any text on the screen to hear it read out loud to you.

You can move the floating tool-bar anywhere on the page / screen.

What else can Browsealoud help with?

Browsealoud offers a range of reading and translation support - helping you to access and understand our website better. 

  • text-to-speech: click on or select any text to hear it read aloud
  • translation: written and spoken translations in multiple languages
  • text magnification: enlarges text and reads it out loud
  • mp3 generation: converts selected text into an MP3 audio file
  • screen mask: blocks distractions on screen with a tinted mask
  • web page simplifier: removes clutter from the screen - great for printing pages
  • settings: customize options to suit individual needs or preferences

Video: How to use Browsealoud

Includes audio and subtitles

Need support?

Visit, the dedicated support portal from Texthelp - the makers of Browsealoud.


British Sign Language


Report an accessibility problem

We are constantly working to improve the accessibility features of Source and really would welcome your suggestions and comments. We will be undertaking a further review of this site to introduce more measures and features to improve its accessibility standards.

If you encounter an accessibility or technical problem with any page on this site, please visit the Contact us page for directions on how to notify us.

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