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BwD Early Years Case Study (3). Concerns around developmental delay. (PD & S&L)

BwD Early Years SENDS Support Service has provided details of several cases in which they have been involved.

We hope that by reading these case studies,you will gain a better understanding of

  • what we do
  • how we tailor our service to suit the individual needs of children 
  • what impact and outcomes result from the work we do with individual children

Please be aware that the children's names used are not the actual names.

For further advice and information,please contact our team on 01254 666697.

What was the concern?

Child 'Awais' started attending nursery without support.

He was under a paediatrician regarding developmental delay ,he has cerebal palsy with lefts side Hemiplegia and concerns around speech and language.

Which professionals were involved?

Paediatric Consultant

Speech and Language therapist


Occuaptional Therapy

Advisory Teacher

SSA (Special Supprt Assistant)

Nursery Setting



What interventions and other strategies were used to help?

'Awais' was allocated a Special Support Assistant (SSA) supporting him for 9 hours across three afternoons.

He also had an occupational therapy programme with targets set for nursery and home to work towards.

Visual timetable to support with his daily routine.

What effect did these have? Impact and outcomes?

'Awais' is showing more interest in his nursery environment.With adult support and hand over hand encouragement he will now go to the sand, water, painting activities.

To encourage communication his SSA has worked on a range of activities such as 'what's in the box' cause and effect toys, ball rolling , hiding/peek-a-boo, these activities are all linked to music or singing as this is what motivates 'Awais'

He is now begining to put the tip of the spoon to his mouth independently.

'Awais' needs to wear a splint and when he is distracted with activities he enjoys he will wear the splint for short periods of time.

What did the child/parent have to say?

My child 'Awais' has learnt to do alot of things with the help of his Special Support Assistant.

He also makes  noises of animals and he tries to copy you.

He has learnt alot and has come alongway to where he was when he first started at nursery.

'Awais' loves music and singing, playing peek-a-boo games .He enjoys cause and effect toys and beginin gto enjoy posting objects.

He shows interest in looking at peoples faces as they talk, sing o smile and gives good eye contact.