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Education, Health and Care (EHC) Referral Panel Guidance Notes

A request for an EHC assessment can be made by:

  • education settings (e.g. nurseries, schools and colleges)
  • the Local Authority
  • parents
  • a young person over the age of 16, but under 25
  • other agencies on behalf of a young person in their care

If you are a parent and would like to request an EHC assessment, then please contact SENDIASS and they will be able to support you with this process and have letter templates that you can use. If you are a professional working with a young person, then please contact the statutory assessment team. 

The EHC Panel Guidance document provides information on:

  • the purpose and membership of the Multi-Agency EHC Panel
  • who can submit a request for an EHC assessment 
  • what needs to be included in a referral request
  • how a decision is made and the criteria a decision is judged against

To view the EHC Panel Guidance please click on the document to your right.

There is also a simplified guidance leaflet about the EHC Panel for parent/carers on the right.

You may also want to view An Introduction to the Local Offer and Education, Health & Care Plan leaflet.  This leaflet provides an overview of the Local Offer and the EHC assessment process.