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BwD Early Years Case Study (1) : Concerns around Speech and Language and Social Communication (S&L, SC)

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BwD Early Years SEND Support Service has provided details of several cases in which they have been involved.

We hope that by reading these case studies, you will gain a better understanding of

  • what we do
  • how we tailor our service to suit the individual needs of children
  • what impact and outcomes result from the work we do with individual children

Please be aware that the children's names used  are not the actual names.

For further advice and information, please contact our team on 01254 666697.

What was the concern?

Child 'Jason' started attending nursery,without support.

He was referred to a paediatric consultant regarding concerns around speech and language delay, social communication delay and behaviour concerns and difficulty coping with change

Which professionals were involved?

Paediatric Consultant

 Advisory Teacher

 Speech and Language Therapist

 Educational Psychologist 

Nursery setting

SSA (Special Support Assistant) 

Special Education Needs and Disability

Support Service

What interventions and other strategies were used to help?

'Jason' was allocated a Special Support Assistant (SSA)  supporting him 1.5hrs per day  across 5 mornings.

He also had support from the Speech and Language Service.

The Speech Therapist advised that 'Jason' should use the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) both at home and in nursery.


What effect did these have? Impact and Outcomes?

'Jason' now can follow the daily routine timetable.

The Special Support Assistant introdcued the "First and Then" board. This has been especially helpful as he had begun toilet training and he had time to process what was going to happening next.

'Jason' is using PECS to make his needs understood, and is working at level 4 PECS.

He is now using a book wtih his symbols in.  They have also introduced feeling symbols so he can show how he is feeling.

He is now able to show his likes and dislikes and will say 'no' if he doesn't want to do something.

'Jason' does have times when he becomes upset and unsettled but will now accept reassurance from adults.


What did the child / parents have to say?

'Jason' is happy when he arrives at nursery. He enjoys looking at books with staff especially his key worker and SSA. He enjoys playing outside and often watches the other children and laughs as they run around . He has favourite characters he likes to name and play with. He enjoys instruments like castanets and banging the drum.

'Jasons' parents are very happy with how much language he is using at home. He is learning new vocabulary every day and trying to communicate verbally much more. They are so pleased he is showing more of an awareness of people around him.  He will play alongside his cousins at home. Mum and Dad are very supportive of his needs. They have worked with Speech and language therapists, and have tried hard to encourage 'Jason' using Pecs to build up his ability to communicate, mirroring the work the SSA does on a daily basis whilst supporting in nursery