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Blackburn with Darwen School Readiness Framework 2019

School Readiness in Blackburn with Darwen

In Blackburn with Darwen high numbers of four and five year olds are not arriving ‘school-ready’ for Reception class and many have delayed speech and social skills.

We have undertaken a range of consultations with Early Years providers, Schools and Health Teams to agree what ‘school-ready’ means.

Colleagues who contributed to the consultation agreed that to be school ready children need to ...                                                  

·       have well developed personal skills 

·       have a level of emotional and social maturity

·       have the ability to communicate, pay attention and learn

·       be healthy and well

School Readiness Framework

To support our ambition improving our children’s readiness for school and ensure that transitions to school are smooth we have developed a school readiness framework that incorporates the key EYFS statements.

The framework has the following elements:

  • The agreed skills and attributes that schools and settings agree mean that children are ‘school ready’

  •  A universal ‘school readiness transition’ document that can be used across all settings and schools in Blackburn with Darwen to support children starting Reception class. This focuses on the key skills and attributes that settings and schools.

  • A ‘Parent/Carer Guide’ that explains what being school ready means along with tips and activities to support their child to achieve these.

  • A ‘provider expectations and guidance document’  that sets out clear expectations about what we in BwD mean by school ready ,  how to promote school readiness and how parents should be engaged and supported  in preparing their child for school.

These documents can be read and downloaded from the links in the Downloads box.

The framework has been designed to build on and complement existing tools we use in Blackburn with Darwen: the All about Me, the EYFS profile booklet and the Etracker (and/or any electronic or alternative EYFS tools that settings may be using).

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