Help with Searching for Information on the Website

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There are several ways you can find information on our website.

The document (including pictures) in the Downloads box provides an explanation of how to use the different search tools on this website: on the desktop site and on the mobile site as seen by users of smaller screened mobile devices.

  • Keyword searches using the search bars to search by category or support need
  • How to search by Support Need from the search bar on the Home page on a larger screen 
  • How to filter your search by Category on a larger screen
  • Using the category buttons on the Home page 
  • Using the age filter buttons on the Home page
  • Why are there 2 different sets of results? 

1. Advice and Information  

2. Services and Organisations 

  • The Newsfeed


    Page last reviewed: 16/04/2019

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