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Resolve - Hate Crime Reporting and Disability Support

Care Network Hub is a Third Party Hate Crime Reporting Centre in Blackburn with Darwen.

Anyone can come to Care Network Hub or contact us via phone or email to report a hate crime or incident if they don’t feel like they want to report it directly to the police.

A support group called Resolve meet to offer support and friendship for people who have been a victim of a hate crime – they meet at Care Network Hub every Wednesday 1pm- 2.30pm.

What is a hate crime?

It is wrong for people to hurt you, call you names, take your property or make you feel unsafe because of who you are or who someone thinks you are.

A Hate Crime is any crime targeted at a person because of hostility or prejudice of:

  • disability
  • race
  • beliefs
  • sexual orientation
  • gender identity
  • appearance

A hate crime can happen anywhere – on the street, at home, in work, in a group, while out at a shopping centre, or online – Facebook and twitter for example, anywhere! We believe that people shouldn’t have to tolerate this sort of behaviour and we want to prevent it from happening again to you or to other people.

Why is it important to let people know if this has happened to you?

Reporting it to us, or to the police, might be able to prevent it happening again. It lets people who commit these crimes and behave in this way know that it is not okay.

Anyone who feels like they have suffered a hate crime or incident, or who has witnessed one happen to someone else, can come and speak to staff at Care Network Hub we will help you to report it and will also help you get support from others who have had similar experiences from the social group Resolve.

What is Resolve?

Resolve are a friendly group of people who are passionate about making sure hate crimes are given attention, that the people who commit them or behave in a hostile manner towards others know that it isn’t acceptable, with the hope that in the future they stop happening. 

What would happen if I report a hate crime at Care Network Hub?

We will offer you support to report it to the police either anonymously or not. Whatever you feel comfortable with. This helps the police to understand what is happening in Blackburn with Darwen. We will also look at helping you to access other support available to you, like emotional support and reassurance.

If you feel like you have been a victim of a hate crime or been witness to one please come in to the Hub to have support to report it, and find out about other support available to you.    

Who to contact

Contact Name
Care Network Hub Helpdesk staff
01254507255 (option 2)


Where to go

Care Network Hub
9, Town Hall Street

Other Details


Referral required
Other notes

Resolve Peer Support Group and Disability Action meet every Wednesday 1pm - 3pm

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