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Connect Project

The Connect for Communities project assists residents and community groups with ...

           transport information and advice and

             offers active travel initiatives

... to promote health and wellbeing

... to tackle isolation by joining in with activities

The activities below are suitable for those with learning disabilities, visual impairment or health and wellbeing issues. Please take time to read through our exciting list of activities!

We can help those who are looking for work by providing a travel plan for attending attending interviews or starting work and in most cases can assist with travel costs to get there.

For more information, please click on the links to documents in the Downloads box.

We offer ...

  • Introduction to bus travel

For those who are not used to travelling independently or getting out of the borough. This can be on a one to one basis if needed but more usually it involves a group trip on a bus, starting with a tour of the bus station, where to get help, how to find out what time your bus will arrive and which stand it will arrive at. 

We also plan trips out to local events and places of interest, travelling of course by public transport.  Information about any trips will be in the Downloads box.

  • Vulnerable Adult Travel Card 

    This travel card is the size of a credit card or library card and will be for you to show when you travel on public transport.

    It will not give you free or discount transport if you normally pay, but it will let the driver know that you may need a little more time and patience to:

    • Tell them where you want to go
    • Understand what they are saying to you
    • Get your money out
    • Get on and off the vehicle
    • Get to a safe seat

  • Bimbling around the Park

This is a very easy paced walk where we can sit on benches in the park as many times as you like in order to have a rest and catch your breath if you need to. 

  • Connect cycling group

We pedal round the park very gently. We have bikes, trikes and even trampers (scooters) available so all can enjoy the fresh air and be part of a group even if you have not ridden a bike for 50 years!

  • Connect Cycling Schemes

Bike Revival – participants attend sessions and learn how to rebuild a bike and, once rebuilt, the bike is theirs to keep.  This is to encourage participants to use bikes as a healthier and greener mode of transport.

  • Group sessions maximum of 10 persons
  • Course lasts 9 hours
  • Level 1 Bikeability included
  • Flexible working arrangements
  • Upskilling and confidence building
  • Ideal for job seekers looking for/gaining new employment

Adult cycle training – aimed at people who have either never ridden a bike or haven't ridden one in years.  Bikes and helmets are also provided.  Once participants are confident off road, the next step would be to build their confidence on roads.

Led Bike Ride – once people are confident on the road, they can participate in a led bike ride.  Bikes and helmets are provided.

Try a Bike – if participants have thought about purchasing an electric bike then this is ideal as they can give it a try before they buy.

Bike Maintenance Course – participants attend a two hour course and learn how to carry out basic repairs such as repairing a puncture and adjusting brakes.

Doctor Bike – participants bring their own bikes for a health check and basic repairs can be carried out.

Bike Hire – Offer of £30 for four weeks hire of a conventional bike or £30 for two weeks electric bike hire.

  • Attending Events 

We can come along and join you at a community centre or a business and can include a Led Bike Ride; Try a Bike, including Penny Farthing and clown bikes; Doctor Bike plus Connecting East Lancashire will provide a stall with lots of information and merchandise.

Who to contact

Contact Name
Cheryl Sandford
Contact Position
Connect Communities Co-ordinator
01254 588814

Where to go

We use various venues depending on the activity.

We also deliver talks to local community-groups about the opportunities offered by Connect. 

These events are held wherever the local group usually meets.

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Offers are arranged on an individual basis.

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