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Shadsworth Infant School


Shadsworth Infant School is situated in an area of social and economic deprivation on a former LA housing estate. There are up to 232 children on roll including a part time nursery provision for 52 pupils. 90% of children live in the bottom 5% of the most deprived nationally.

At the heart of our school is the ethos of 'Learning, Sharing and Caring' and thats what you'll find here. We offer an inclusive education with high expectations for all chidlren aged 3-7 years old.

We provide a welcoming, safe, stimulating environment where everyone works together happily. Every day counts as we instill in our children an aspiration to be the best they can be!

Who to contact

Contact Name
Joanne Coxhead
Contact Position
01254 698002

Where to go

Shadsworth Infant School
Rothesay Road
This service is part of the Local Offer

Local Offer


Following a full refurbishment we have ramp access at the front of the school and disabled parking bays.

From September 2017 we have a new Sensory Room, which can be accessed by all children.

Stair lifts for children to make every classroom accessible.

Dyslexia friendly classrooms and fully trained staff

A dedicated SENCO and teachers who are fully committed to teaching SEND children.

Local Offer Age Bands
5-11 years
0-5 years
What specialist services and expertise are available at, or accessed by, the school/setting?

We have a very experienced and highly skilled staff who work collaboratively to support our children using a huge range of teaching methods and techniques.

We also access

Every Child a Reader

Educational Psychology

Speech Therapy (NHS and Speechbubble)

We are a Communication Commitment School

SEND Support Service - supporting all areas of SEND

School Nurse, we can access Paediatrician services and physiotherapy through this team.

We have a Pupil Wellbeing Co-ordinator in post- he supports attendance/CAF process/Social Care

We can seek support from Familywise to gain family support

As a school committed to inclusive education for all, we would actively seek out specialist expertise.

What training and experience have the staff supporting children and young people with special educational needs and/or disabilities had, or are having?

As a school we value continued professional development and training, we acknowledge we are all learning and strive to strengthen our skills in supporting children wherever necessary.

We have qualified, expert specialist reading Teachers and Teaching Assistants

We have qualified, expert specialist maths intervention Teaching Assistants.

We have received training on speech, language and communication difficulties and how to provide further support in that area.

We have received whole staff training on Basic Sign Language

We provide a secure nurturing environment throughout school which ensures children achieve.

Where necessary teachers personalise learning to meet the needs of all children.

How do you know if my child/young person needs extra help?

We follow our agreed SEND and Inclusion policy which outlines how we as a staff identify needs in school. (see attached)

All staff monitor and observe children and report to class teachers if they have concerns about changes in children's learning or behaviour. The class teacher will then monitor, talk to parents and report to the SENCO. If parents have a concern they are welcome to talk to class teachers at any time.

We regularly use tools such as, Dyslexia Screening (Nessy), Speech and Language Screening (Derbyshire Language Screening), BPVS, ABC motor skills assessment and Boxhall Profiling as part of our SENCO testing.

What should I do if I think my child/young person may have special educational needs?

If parents have a concern they are welcome to talk to class teachers at any time.

Alternatively, you may talk to Mrs Coxhead our SENCo or Mr Mooney who is the Pupil Well-Being Co-ordinator.

Mrs Crompton or Mrs Lincoln, who are the the Headteachers, are also available to discuss any worries or concerns.

How will staff support my child/young person?

We are fully committed to giving every child the opportunity to achieve. We offer a broad, balanced and wide ranging of curriculum, differentiated by the class teacher to support any specific needs.

Staff support all children using personalised planning and differentiation.

With a high commitment to regular SEND training in every area of SEND we take reasonable action to ensure all children access all learning opportunities.

A wide range of intervention groups and programmes are available to support children with all areas of SEND.

How will the curriculum be matched to my child's/young person's needs?

We use individual education plans which detail how children are supported and use small targets to promote success. The plan will also highlight any support, aids or adaptations as necessary.

On entry to Shadsworth Infant School, we work with the people and professionals who already know the children and use the information already available to identify what support or actions will need to be taken to ensure the best start possible for your child in our school.

  • If you tell us that you are concerned about your child’s development we will work with you to establish if your child has a need.
  • We observe and track each child’s progress at regular intervals throughout the academic year.
  • We will implement targeted strategies to support your child with routines and with learning.
  • We use a range of assessment materials to establish the needs of your child.
  • We will seek support from outside agencies if we need advice or support.
  • We will work with parents to establish needs.
How will teaching approaches be modified to support my child/young person?

Staff use a wide range of teaching and learning styles to ensure all children make progress and achieve.

How will both you and I know how my child/young person is doing?

Talk to your child’s class teacher

Talk to the SENCO and we can arrange external experts as appropriate

Talk to your doctor if necessary

Talk to your health visitor about any concerns

Monitoring is integral to our teaching and leadership. Everyone involved reviews the impact of teaching and intervention work in our review process. Our school improvement cycle follows an 'assess, plan, do, review' cycle. Progress data is collected, analysed and discussed by staff and leadership teams including the Governing body.

Regular celebration assemblies and parents meetings are held to showcase our children's learning and achievements.

Children with SEND have their own learning targets which are discussed at review meetings.

How will you help me to support my child/young person's learning?

Parents are invited into school many times throughout the year. We find when school, families and children work together we experience the greatest success.

What support will there be for my child's/young person's overall wellbeing?

Children's well-bring is central to the ethos at our school. We are proactive with an 'open door' policy which means we are aware of concerns or issues as and when they arise. This enables us to provide a happy, secure environment for learning.

Mr Mooney is available to provide help and support to children and families.

  • Children will have quality first teaching from trained class teachers
  • TLA 3 small group support will be provided for children who need intervention or booster work
  • Speech and language programmes are delivered 1-1
  • Physical development programmes are delivered by trained TLA 3 staff
  • SENCO will ensure robust assessment/IEP’s in place/Health care plans if appropriate/appropriate professionals are in place to support staff and children
  • Strategies from advisory teachers are in place and monitored regularly
  • Regular assessments of progress are done and next steps identified and shared with all concerned
  • Regular meetings are co-ordinated and held with appropriate professionals
  • Specialist training is undertaken by staff, e.g. hearing aids
  • Small group 'Silver Seal' work happens to raise self-esteem and confidence
What activities will be available for my child/young person?

Activities, school trips and visits are available to all children in our school and full details are available at the school office or on te school website.

Risk assessments are carried out with the parent if necessary and care plans are followed. We enjoy parents accompanying children on trips and visits, contact the class teacher if you would like to volunteer.

Welfare staff and Teaching Assistants are available if children require additional support in extra-curricular activities within school.

How will you prepare and support my child/young person during transitions?

We have a huge programme for transition, both into Nursery and Reception classes and with neighbouring Junior schools. Induction evenings take place in both nursery and school, as well as at local Junior schools.  

Small group visits are offered where necessary which we find to be extremely successful. 'Stay and Play' is an after school club for non nursery children to explore and find out more about their new reception classrooms and teachers. New nursery children visit in the summer term before their nursery year and have a staggered start on entry.

See our Transition policy for more information.

How are resources and equipment allocated and matched to my child's/young person's needs?

Support from the local authority ensures that appropriate resources are allocated to individuals  e.g. specialist equipment- chairs/laptops/angle boards 

Equipment is purchased by school to support specific needs of individual children e.g. scissors/programmes/headphones

We seek expert advice to ensure resources and equipment is matched effectively.

How are decisions made about what type and how much support my child/young person will receive?

Decisions about support for children are made at review meetings, where families and professionals can discuss needs and an agreement is reached.

These decisions are then monitored by staff and leaders in school to ensure effectiveness and efficiency.

The Local Authority are kept fully infomed of support for SEND children. Our SEND officer will advise and school seek guidance when making such decisions.