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Apply for a school place for September 2019


It is now time to start thinking about applying for your child's place in a Reception class or in Year 7 for September 2019.

Schools will be hosting Open Days or Open Evenings so that you can visit to have a look and the school and meet their staff. Full details are on each school's website.

  • Secondary Admissions closing date is October 31 2018
  • Primary Admissions closing date is January 15 2019

If you think your child may need extra support because they have a special educational need or disability, please speak with your child's current nursery nurse or school SENCO or contact The Admission Team, Children's Services and Education Department, 10 Dume Street, Blackburn BBC 1DH

Tel: (01254) 666605

Regarding Applications for Children with a Special Educational Need or Disability

Many children experience difficulties during their school life. The majority of these difficulties will be met by their school from the funding made available to them.

However, children who have significant learning difficulties will have their needs supported by an education, health and care plan (EHCP). 

Please note that the Council has a duty to determine and review the provision for a child with an education, health and care plan or IPRA. The annual review in year 5/6 will have given you and the Council, an opportunity to discuss your child’s transfer from primary school and decide his/her future placement. 

The preferences you express on the application form will be considered by the Council’s Statutory Assessment Team Manager in line with the law and the guidance issued in the Special Educational Needs Code of Practice. 

You will be informed of the school to be named in your child’s education, health and care plan or IPRA. 

If you disagree you will be informed of your right of appeal to an independent tribunal. Further help on Special Educational Needs matters is available by contacting the Council’s statutory assessment team, telephone (01254) 666739.

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