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Free Books to Read and Listen To with BorrowBox from Your Local Library Service

BorrowBox Accessibility Features

The BorrowBox service has a wide range of e-books and e-audio books available for you to download onto your computer or most mobile devices to read and to listen to.

There are English and other language books, fiction and non-fiction, and books for adults and children.

Please see the Downloads box for examples of books available for children and young people.

There is a special font to make text more readable for dyslexic users, an adjustable player speed so that you can enjoy eAudiobooks at your own pace and the entire app is specially adapted for readers who are visually impaired.

To use this service you must be based in the UK and be a registered member at a participating library. If you are already a library member, you can borrow straight away by following the link:

Local library members can browse and borrow bestselling e-books and e-audiobooks on any Apple iOS and Google Android device for limited periods through digital loans. MP3 audio files are accessible and compatible with all devices.

Get the app now from the App Store or Google Play and start borrowing, downloading and enjoying e-books and e-audiobooks today!

Not a member of a library? Then follow the ‘Join Online’ link from the library page or pop into a local library.  It takes 5 minutes!

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