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Blackburn with Darwen: Young People Community Transitions

Calling for Ideas about our Day Services Offer for Young People in Transition aged 18-25

We are interested in developing ideas for our specialist and community-based day service offer to young people aged 18-25.

We would welcome ideas about what needs to be in place as they leave school for young people with a special educational need or a disability.

Please take a few minutes to think about the questions below.

(You can also print them off via the link in the Downloads box.)

Then send your ideas to

Thinking about daytime support as people turn 18…..

1. What do young people and you their family/carer currently value in the school environment?

2. What works well and what could work better in accessing meaningful things to do during the day?

3. What do young people lose and gain on transition?

4. What potential opportunities would you want to see open up for young people on leaving school?

5. What are the important elements and “must do’s”  for a future day service offer for 18-25s?

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