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Connect for Communities: transport information, advice and initiatives

Connect for Communities

The Connect for Communities project assists residents and community groups with ...

transport information and advice and

offers active travel initiatives

... to promote health and wellbeing

... to tackle isolation by joining in with activities

We offer ...

  • an introduction to bus travel for those who are not used to travelling independently or getting out of the borough. This can be on a one to one basis if needed but more usually it involves a group trip on a bus, starting with a tour of the bus station, where to get help, how to find out what time your bus will arrive and which stand it will arrive at. 
  • Bimbling around the Park is a very easy paced walk where we can sit on benches in the park as many times as you like in order to have a rest and catch your breath if you need to. 
  • Connect cycling group pedal round the park very gently and we have bikes, trikes and even trampers (scooters) available so all can enjoy the fresh air and be part of a group even if you have not ridden a bike for 50 years!
  • funding for bike maintenance courses where, over 9 hours, you can learn how to maintain a bike and then get to keep the bike!

These activities are suitable for those with learning disabilities, visual impairment or health and wellbeing issues.

We can help those who are looking for work by providing a travel plan for attending attending interviews or starting work and in most cases can assist with travel costs to get there.

For more information, including contact details, please click on the link in the Related Services box.

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